I had a wonderful "aha moment" during the session with Marie-Ève. I don't need to doubt and think that a certain outcome is not coming cause deep down me I might not want it. I can simply start and dream about a completely different outcome if I want to. I'm free to choose whatever my heart desires. Marie-Ève was so passionate with her special way of approaching topics that at a certain point I felt like I was naturally going with the flow. I couldn't help but follow this unstoppable lady with her contagious high vibing energy. This was the first time that within a session I cleared several beliefs. And this was thanks to Marie-Ève's amazing care and love. Very grateful for having had this session with her!!

Briselda Stase on Sept 27 2021

Marie-Eve keeps you safely on the edge in a way that is supportive and loves you enough to keep you from sabotaging out and avoid what has to be uncovered. She is simply the most exceptional coach I've had the pleasure to deal with. Her accuracy and tact are unparalleled in anything I've experienced this far. I trust she is able to help anyone who is open and willing to expand greatly into freedom and love. Woohoo! You are worth it. Contact her.

Yves on Tue Aug 17 2021

Before Marie Eve I was lost in people pleasing and not paying attention to my needs & wants. Now, I'm working for a company that actually meets what I want and I finally have this effortless kind of vibe ( I used to believe that I had to work extra hard in comparison to anyone else). Marie Eve will simply smash all your limiting beliefs and show you how to rise your vibration. Love you <3

Veronika Sanobova on Thu May 6 2021

I came to Marie-Eve walking like a kid to his first day of school, reluctant and without joy. Marie took my hands and walked me through her process... wow was I overjoyed. It was that easy, or she was that skillful? She made me believe I did all the work myself. Run into her care and she will make you see/become a better you!

Claude Labbe on Tue Mar 9 2021

Thank you Marie-Eve for your generous spirit! My first session with you helped me to get in touch and release something deep that was standing in my way of realizing a dream that I have. I can see that you will be successful as a coach and you will help many people! Keep up the amazing work!

Ilia K on Thu Feb 4 2021

After one session with Marie-Eve is is obvious that she has IT! She easily allowed me space to be and at the same time continuously brought me back on point so I did not get lost in my stories or rabbit holes I had dug. She teased out and really helped me to look at beliefs that were holding me back that I did not want to let go of. These wer not serving me and she guided me to finding them while guiding me in reframing the reality I created. She reminded me that I am responsible for the life I experience and with that it means I also am the one in total control of changing it. With in two hours of our call, my mind, heart and belief shifts I saw simple yet potent changes that made me want more. Thank you for your spirit, groundedness and conviction that it truly is our thoughts that create the reality we live each moment!

Michelle Smiley on Sun Jan 10 2021


Marie Eve is a joy to work with. She is thorough, compassionate, and brought a fun playful vibe to the whole experience. We quickly shifted and cleared all of my negative emotions in under 2 hours. I'm amazed at how much fun the session was and I feel so much lighter now

Kent Petersen on Sun Dec 20 2020

Marie-Eve a une approche motivante qui saura diluer les émotions qui vous empêchent d'aller vers vos buts et votre plein épanouissement.

Véronique Vincent on Mon Dec 14 2020

Marie quickly and without hesitation jumped in to help me get to the source of my “stuck ness” and lack of ability to manifest what I really wanted in the moment. By asking the right questions, and creating a safe space for me to honestly answer, within minutes we got to the bottom of my underlying contradicting emotions that I built up over an experience that happened in childhood and carried on for years. We were able to identify the limiting belief and find evidence in my life supporting the new one. I got an immediate relief and was on my way of manifesting fast! Can’t wait to work with her again.

Magdalena on Sat Dec 5 2020

Awesome emotion clearing session with Marie-Eve! She has wonderful energy and made me feel instantly at ease. She was able to reframe my core negative beliefs in a way that made me immediately see how irrational and untrue they were. I left the session feeling lighter, cheerful and excited about life. Highly recommended!

Millenia Hexe on Sat Nov 28 2020

Marie Eve has a way of explaining how I create what I experience in my life in a way that everything just clicked for me! I could see how untrue (and even ridiculous) my perspectives were which caused them to instantaneously shift. She has a gift for this work and I highly recommend her!

Toni on Fri Nov 27 2020